Friday, May 29, 2015

When the Comfort of Wrongness is Hard to Forsake - A Commentary on Innovative Leaders through a Biblical Lens

You can learn so much from reading the Bible. For me, my favorite parts of the Bible usually come from the Old Testament, especially the first five books. When you read about the Israelite people, and how they cried out to the Lord for freedom from the oppression of slavery in Egypt, you get a great sense of how people respond to actually being delivered from their circumstances.
The Children of Israel, though they cried out for deliverance for years, when God finally sent Moses to deliver them from bondage, the first thing they did was criticize Moses and question his right to lead them. The next thing they did was to frequently besmirch his character throughout the process of freedom and improvement, despite the evidence that he was actually leading them to the very things they had claimed to want.
After that, when they were finally freed, they allowed the hard work that comes with rebuilding themselves to allow them to actually claim they missed their days of bondage and preferred them to the hard work of freedom. It was only after Moses died that Israel finally recognized his greatness, to the point of trying to worship him.
So what have I learned from this, as far as how it applies to modern times? Usually, the very people who cry out for a positive change, end up being the ones to criticize and hinder the person who comes along to finally institute that change. Sometimes, people get so used to their low circumstances, that they are actually uncomfortable (even angry) with the work of pushing above and outside of those circumstances.
I originally posted this as a Facebook status, but decided to make it a blog as well.

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